Plastic Bank

Stopping ocean plastic by gathering a billion people together to monetize waste to improve lives.


A bold, optimistic view of a world free of ocean plastic and extreme poverty. These guys had a vision for the world to gather together to alleviate both problems simultaneously, creating a way to use plastic as money. Giving people a sense of worth, pride, connection and community.

Plastic Bank needed a technology partner who was willing to join them on their journey. They had the vision. They needed the technology roadmap to get there.


Who can say “No” to both enabling cleaner oceans and drinking water, while uplifting the extreme poor? Right!

From Day One, CF provided the technical prowess and infrastructure, working alongside the founders throughout all phases, from concept to design to software development, iterating and improving relentlessly.

We built the Blockchain-based platform verifying the plastic collection (and tracking through the reclamation process) and managing the global digital currency process for rewarding individual entrepreneurs.

Employing Agile methodologies, deployment costs were kept to a minimum without sacrificing quality — allowing Plastic Bank to focus on building out their ecosystem. The platform was designed through the lens of Trust and Transparency – giving global brands like SC Johnson and Henkel the confidence in the authenticity of the Plastic Bank model and message. We even brought IBM onboard for powerful co-marketing and additional support.

Solution Components | Barriers Removed

  • IT Strategy and Architecture: Guidance to the founders on how to start small, be prepared to scale, without sacrificing enterprise-grade availability and data security
  • Application Development: Blockchain-as-a-Service, Hyperledger, Mobile App
  • Infrastructure: Designed and maintained a hybrid cloud hosting infrastructure, including incorporating IBM LinuxONE with industry-leading 99.999% availability, scalability, resiliency and security
  • Social Investment: Early creative financing enabled the Plastic Bank founding team to stay focused on building out the business, instead of spending time raising additional funds
  • Ongoing Application Support and Development: Cognition Foundry continues to work with the Plastic Bank, evolving their platform in response to stakeholder needs

Over 10 million pounds of plastic has been removed from our oceans and fresh water systems (Read more in the Plastic Bank Annual Report). Global partnerships with SC Johnson & Henkel support the Social Plastic movement led by the Plastic Bank.

Read how this Solution won a UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Award in 2019

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