Newlight Technologies: Success Story

When Innovation Meets Greenhouse Gases


Transform excess carbon contained in the air into wearable high-performance syntenic leather products and other consumables. Battle climate change, one handbag and pair of sunglasses at a time.

  • Ensure impact claims are independently tracked and audited, and verifiable by Consumers
  • Track each step in the carbon transformation process used to create the consumer goods

Newlight needed a technology partner who could advance them in the next stage in their journey. As Newlight’s underlying AirCarbon transformation process matured, they sought to engage consumers in the entire product lifecycle.. They needed a seasoned technology partner who had already battle-tested nascent technologies like Blockchain and could add this crucial element of verifiability – and enable Newlight to do this at scale.

Newlight worked with Cognition Foundry to deploy an IBM Blockchain-based system that creates an indelible record of every step in the production of AirCarbon. Each stage in the process—from sourcing methane emissions generated at abandoned coal mines, landfills, or farms, to the procurement of renewable energy, to the conversion of gas into products, to the input of a third party verification report—generates a discrete data input which is recorded in the Blockchain hyperledger. Every link in the chain supports and verifies every other link, and therefore cannot be eradicated or changed.

Cognition Foundry furthered Newlight’s vision of engaging consumers to positively impact climate change by designing an infrastructure based on IBM LinuxONE that requires no additional servers to scale up. This innovative design optimizes server utilization, prevents waste now and in the future, enabling Newlight to have a complementary energy conservation story aligned with their AirCarbon transformation process.

Employing Agile methodologies, the Cloud and Blockchain-based platform created an indelible record of each step in the transformation of greenhouse gases to high-performance AirCarbon biomaterials. Consumers are able verify the end-to-end carbon transformation (from sequestration to polymer to consumable manufacturing) of their products online. Consumers natural skepticism starts to give way to Trust and Confidence, as they verify that they are, in fact, making a difference to climate change through the Brands they purchase. Newlight is confident that the new socially engaged and environmentally conscious consumer will be favourable to Newlight’s consumer product line. Cognition Foundry delivered the initial version of the platform prior to Newlight’s consumer launch.

Solution Components | Barriers Removed

  • Solution Design: Design Thinking Workshops revealed strategies to empower the advocated and convert the critic. Empathizing with divergent personas ensured the consumer-engagement strategy would be inclusive and effective
  • IT Strategy and Architecture: Designed and maintained a hybrid cloud hosting infrastructure, including incorporating IBM LinuxONE with industry-leading 99.999% availability, scalability, resiliency and security
  • Application Development: Blockchain-as-a-Service and Hyperledger
  • Infrastructure: Designed and maintained a hybrid Cloud hosting infrastructure, including incorporating IBM LinuxOne with industry-leading 99.999% availability, scalability, resiliency and security

Newlight is set to launch their consumer-focused fashion product line in January 2020. Consumers validate the carbon capture (date, location, impact, etc.) using the Blockchain-based platform on the Newlight website.

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